Arty Parties for Kids

Arty Parties for Kids are a unique way to show your child, group or friends that they are special and that EVERYONE can paint! Painting improves fine motor skills, self esteem and creativity. Children will also learn some basic painting techniques, color theory. Students painting masterwork inspirations will learn a little art history.

Standard parties are 2 hours in length. The base cost is $275 for up to 10 children. Advanced themes can be accomplished in 3 hour parties which are $325 for up to 10 children. Additional children may attend for $20 for each. Each child will take home a finished work of art.

We provide all art supplies, art instruction, facilitation & cleanup. You provide cake, snacks, drinks, decorations & paper goods, party and refreshment facilitation. A $100 deposit is required when booking the party.


2 hour Standard Painting Party – Girl or Boy (5–11 yrs)

Paint like an Abstract Expressionist on a real canvas. Students learn to paint “Jackson Pollock style” while learning techniques such as paint rolling, dripping and splattering with emotion!  Students  may also choose a stylized symbol painting such as a monogram, stylized heart, cross, or flower using complimentary colors.

3 hour Advanced themed Painting Party – Girl or Boy (8–11 yrs)

Paint like a French impressionist on a real canvas. Choose masterworks paintings inspired by Monet’s Water Lilies or Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Students may also choose to do a Still Life painting of a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers. Ask us about our Pottery & Jewelry Parties as well!

Click here and here for party photo galleries. Click here for artwork selections.

Pottery Party – Girl or Boy (5–15 yrs) – Children will learn the ancient art of pottery creation & design.

Jewelry Party – Girl or Boy (5–15 yrs) – Create clay bead work and jewelry.

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